Woma Soil Clean 425ml

  • Woma Soil Clean 425ml
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  • Improvement of the substrate properties through the production of enzymes and organic acids;
  • Improving the plant's ability to absorb nutrients;
  • Nutrient buffering to reduce leaching;

Soil Clean is a natural soil improver based on prebiotic rhizobacteria and fungi that increase the vitality and resistance of soil life and keep the soil in excellent condition. This makes the plant stronger, making it less susceptible to diseases and pests.

• Improvement of the substrate properties through the production of enzymes and organic acids;
• Improving the plant's ability to absorb nutrients;
• Nutrient buffering to reduce leaching;
• Protection of the root environment against harmful organisms and protection against the eggs and larvae of sandereas;
• Optimization of CO2 uptake from air and soil binding.

Harm and symptoms of occurrence:

Adult earthworms are often viewed as a threat, but it is the larvae that damage the roots. They like very humid and warm environments. They feel good in heat and humidity. When the substrate is too wet for too long, they reproduce very quickly, feeding on what the soil provides. If it dries up, even for a short time, or if there are too many larvae, they will start to feed on young roots and shoots full of water. Such damaged shoots are very sensitive and weakened. That is why they are quickly attacked by all sorts of diseases.

However, to prevent significant damage to the roots and prevent the plant from dying off in the long term, the plant must be removed. This is a difficult task, as after shedding sackcloth their eggs and the most harmful larvae still remain in the ground. This is where Soil Clean gets to the root of the problem!

Eggs ~ 4 days Larva ~ 14 days. Adult earthlings live ~ 7 days Chrysalis ~ 3-4 days.

Soil Clean kills eggs and larvae, and with the right addition of bacteria and fungi, it provides additional root stimulation and improves soil fertility. The result is stronger plants that are more resistant to all common pests and diseases. The biological life balance is restored in the medium, and in the meantime Soil Clean supports and protects it.


Mix 7 ml in 10 liters of water and distribute by watering from the top to 1 m2. Repeat after 5 days.

Soilclean can be used as a soil improver and / or soil control agent.
It can also be administered prophylactically.
There are no special precautions to be taken.
A 75 ml package is enough to prepare over 100 liters of ready-made solution.

Active ingredient: Rhizobacteria Myconate
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Bacillus pumilus
Bacillus subtils
Bacillus lichenifomis
Azotobacter chrococcum
Trichoderma atroviride
Trichoderma harzianum

Package contents: 425 ml

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