Gavita CT 2000e LED EU 230-400 V

  • Gavita CT 2000e LED EU 230-400 V
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  • Power: 780W
  • Light source: Osram and Samsung LED's.
  • On the stage: growth, flowering.
  • PPF: 2000µMol
  • Best-selling LED compact toplight for light-loving crops
    Up to 25% more energy efficient than HPS fixtures
    The first and only LED 1:1 replacement for HPS in the industry
    Compact design fits straight into HPS layouts making converting to LED easier than ever before
    Full IP 66 rating with industry-standard Wieland three-pin power connector
    Impressive 2000 µmol/s output gives more light while using up to a quarter less energy than a 1000W DE HPS fixture

                                             230 - 400 VAC

    Input current at 100%      3.4-2.0 A
    Input power at 100%        780W
    Light source                       LED


    Features & Benefits

    Different light levels covered

    Connect up to 1,000 fixtures per channel to the Gavita Master Controller for plug and play capability. The dimming range of 50% to 100% lets you set light levels at every stage of growth while maintaining efficiency and uniformity.

    Robust and easy to clean

    The Gavita CT 2000e is built for tough work. It’s compact,
    durable and easy to clean. Unlike a rail-style fixture, it doesn’t
    have lots of fiddly bars, nooks and crannies. Its robust design
    is underscored by high-quality components to deliver top-end
    performance you can count on, time after time after time.

    Industry first: LED 1:1 replacement for HPS

    LEDs are replacing conventional lighting sources such as
    HPS because they’re the next logical step in lighting evolution. Greater efficiency, less radiant heat and spectral optimisation
    for crops: LEDs do all three. You can increase yields, enhance quality and save up to 25% in energy use by replacing a 1000W DE HPS installation with the CT 2000e. It’s quick and easy to retrofit because the compact CT 2000e fits seamlessly into existing HPS layouts. It’s the first and only LED 1:1 replacement for HPS in the industry.

    Optimise your ROI

    The CT 2000e enhances ROI on many fronts, including
    reduced energy use and improved crop quality. The CT 2000e concentrates the blue and red wavelengths while balancing with mid-range beneficial green. Compared with HPS, the higher percentage of blue wavelengths increases secondary metabolites and the wide light spectrum promotes vigorous growth as the plants’ needs change. The high uniformity of light distribution produces a consistent quality and quantity of crop,
    too. All while using less energy than an HPS installation.

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    Standard LEDs can reproduce the blues and reds plants need as they grow. The CT 2000e masterfully surpasses traditional LED performance and scales from 400 nm to 700 nm with incredible uniformity, boosting blue and red wavelengths while balancing in between with beneficial green. Premium drivers powering each diode help create a broad, full-spectrum light source capable of coaxing vigorous growth from plants as their needs change, with stunning precision and dramatic fixture life.

    Hundreds of plants, and the light intensity stays the same from edge to edge under the CT 2000e LED. Wide optics create a nearly identical light pattern to HPS fixtures and enhance performance through even light coverage left to right. It’s an astonishing level of uniformity that helps unlock the kind of plant growth that’s capable of changing the world.

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